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Chat Rules Empty Chat Rules

Post by Cj on Wed Jun 12, 2013 2:17 am

Chat Rules

1.)No Trolling.
2.)English only.
3.)No Spamming or posts over 5 in a row.
4.)No links to other Anime streaming site unless they are affiliated sites. No links to other off topic sites
5.)No advertising other sites this includes:links youtube channels,facebook,twitter,ect.
6.)No Racism this is an automatic perma ban
7.)No Pornography, Hentai or Doujinshi if you post this it’s an automatic perma ban
8.)Be Respectful to the other users in the chatroom if you have an issue with somebody take it to pms or another chat.
9.)Cyber Rping why people even do this I will never know…..
10.)If you’re having and issue with any of the mods. pm cj, or Slayer on chatango. DO NOT HARASS MODS IN THE CHATROOM! If you have a problem with a mod it would be best to discuss it in pms.

Want to be a moderator? pm cj, slayerof100suns, or naistro
What is the purpose of a moderator?

Moderators are appointed to create a certain level of fairness and safety for all members and guests by enforcing rules with a careful amount of regard for each situation. Moderators have the ability to ban users in order to create this environment. Aside from enforcement, moderators are expected to act as a role-model to others as they represent a key part of the site and staff as a whole. It is important to keep a positive attitude while on duty. Moderators should be helpful to others and welcoming to those who have yet to become part of the community. Without the community, moderators would not be needed. At times, moderators will be expected to assist administrators with tasks when needed.

What are moderators allowed or not allowed to do?

Moderators must adhere to the same rules as everyone else as well as a few others:

- At times, administrators may request a moderator to do a position-related task. Moderators are expected to do the task.
- Moderators must be active in the chat.
- Moderators are not permitted to unban users who have been banned by another moderator.
- Moderators must enforce all rules fairly amongst all members. “Favorites” are not allowed.
- Unfortunately, the feelings of the many must overrule that of one person. Personal feelings and opinions are not allowed as a base for action or lack thereof.

It’s understandable that each moderator has ‘there own way’ of moderating. This is fine so long as rules are being enforced fairly. At times there will be users who tend to cleverly circumvent rules to try and show a ‘loop hole’ which would allow them to borderline enforcement. Moderators are encouraged to use their own judgment in these cases within reason.

If a moderator has a concern about the rules or expectation of the position, or need to report a violation by another staff, they are encouraged to talk to an administrator about it. We are here to help.

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